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... (962615) $7,500 - $9,999 DesignQuote
Patent Company Database E commerce Custom Website Company that specializes in patents need a complete custom designed database E commerce website created The website will have the the following features 1 Plugin to hide the admin page to prevent hackers to enter the admin and take control of your site 2 Search Engine Optimization tool in the admin for when you will start optimizing the site for easy keywords title and description integration in your pages 3 Blog for SEO and Soc XHTML : social media : seo : database : content :
... (952708) $1000 - $2499 DesignQuote
Law Firm Website Update Law Firm located in Houston TX needs to update existing website Website Updates include the following need customer accounts Need to be able to share files and info Need customer database Need customer input and info Existing website has about 10 pages in asp DQ Admin Notes Project verified via call Closes: 09/28/14 Website : database : ASP :
... (950284) $10,000 - $14,499 DesignQuote
B2C Personal Information Services Web Application New website and backend database for high volume site The website is a new B2C product offering a new type of internet based personal information service The database will store extensive well may we just say data We are planning for a rapid growth to 5 million users and then continued growth on from there by at least one order of magnitude and so well written code that can scale efficiently is essential If there are more details you need database : application : web : Website :
... (948484) $2500 - $4999 DesignQuote
Historic Architecture Museum Website deleted is going to serve as a virtual historic architecture museum The site will serve as a database to those looking to research architecture by location style condition etc It was also have a map integration that will allow users to indicate a specific location and determine the historic sites in that specific area Likewise we would like to integrate a method for users to upload photos comments suggestions etc regarding these locations DQ database : Website :
... (960857) $? FJS
I m seeking a programmer and database developer in order to make an application Thanks... (Budget $5000-$10000, Required Skills: Database Development, Engineering, Programming) application : database : programmer : developer :
... (957179) $? FJS
I want a ride sharing website to connect people who have cars with passengers who want to take a ride plus it accompanying mobile app that is cross platform... (Required Skills: Database Development, Programming, Web Design Development, Website Programming) database : design : Website : web design : web :
... (951220) $? FJS
MN-Minneapolis, Database Analyst Looking for a resource with strong SSRS and MS BI stack experiences in their backgrounds. The primary role of the Database Analyst is to provide the organization with orderly methods of data storage and controlled access to data. Responsibilities include the development, enhancement and support of database management systems that are high profile or complex in nature, including th database :

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