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Heat Pumps Website $1000 - $2499... (1158786)

We are doing a joint venture with a company in The Netherlands to bring their new heat pumps to the USA We have existing sites that need to be tot

$1000 - $2499 Hollis, NH DesignQuote
Tradesmen $500 - $999... (1157088)

Borkerage platform webpage for handyman services in Qatar Services to be advertised through handymen such as plumbing painting household elect

$500 - $999 Doha, DesignQuote
Dog Play Website $500 - $999... (1156205)

Set up a website to match dog owners and their pets for play dates Closes: 07/03/15

$500 - $999 Rochester, NY DesignQuote
Website in Joomla $5,000 - $7,499... (1153500)

This request for proposal outlines the specifics of the new website Project Definition Personality of the Website A new design theme front end

$5,000 - $7,499 Chatsworth, CA DesignQuote
Graphic Design Client Conference Name Badge $... (1146372)

I have a design of a name badge that doubles as a holder of the conference schedule and also the design of the conference schedule to fit into the na

$250 - $499 Omaha, NE DesignQuote
Re-organize events with WordPress by ronniehu... (1160670)

Im looking to re-order this page: And have it match this page: Right now, all of the classes

$10- Any, Any GAF
Customizing Woocommerce Checkout Page by ronn... (1155625)

Hello, Please read full project details here: Task is to take one checkout p

$10- Any, Any GAF

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